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Vendor Spotlight [Tenmomi]

This is KC, owner and run a ramen shop 'Tenmomi'. He's a Filipino and solo operator at His ramen shop.

What makes his Ramen unique is the simple fact that he make everything in house and use all the parts of the animals. He also typically can be seen doing solo work at the shop 90% of the time because that this is how they are modeled. Also, quality is everything to him, he only will make how every many per day/week to keep the quality at the top.

Signature Tonkotsu and Original Miso ramen are the most popular. He also do private events anywhere from 10-40 people in one go. We also offer a 5-10 course meal at his kitchen for a unique high end menu.

All their simple bowl of soup and noodles comes through in the best way possible that it's crafted with absolute care and attention to detail.

Tonkotsu Original Miso ramen

His all time favorite comment or interaction will always be when someone mentions that the food still taste the same like it did the last time they had it. That is the highest compliment for him.

Dreamfest was the favorite last year. He got to see how they batter up to thousands of people per day as a 2 man team. Again, execution and quality is their forte.

This year, they're on Jersey City Night Market to bring us the taste of Ramen we never had before!

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