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Vendor Spotlight [ Rosie's Empanada]

Rosie's Empanada started when her friends always requested her empanadas for get together and the overwhelming response on how good they where gave her the idea to start selling them. Moreover, she started her business by only doing a few pop up events a year to make extra cash as she worked full time in a local hospital in New Jersey.

But then covid happened and she had to work through that at the hospital. That was an aweful experience. She knew that if she constricted on her business it would work out better for herself and her family. Her side business of course was shut down because everything closed. But when things started to open up again, she took that leap of faith and went with her heart.

Rosie started with a bunch of farmers markets and then more festivals. A year later the business really took off and she left the hospital entirely! That's the best decision of her life! and she love what she do!!

Now, She have over 50 different types of empanadas! She have even won empanada throwdowns. The first one she ever won was with the Thanksgiving Empanada. It has turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and a bit of mashed potatoes and gravy. Thanksgiving in every bite.

Her memorable event experience is with NJ renaissance Faire! And Lunar Faire. So much fun! The people are great! And the line was 40 people deep for 5 hours!!

Customers love the variety her Empanadas have. Unique fillings. She love to incorporate the multinational flavors in her empanadas.

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