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Vendor Spotlight [Strawberry & Me]

Introducing Strawberry & me, a Belgian Chocolate Covered Treats! Dipped in sweetness, served with smiles. Creating blissful moments one chocolate-covered strawberry at a time.

Osiris is the Owner of Strawberry & me. She started her business as a way to stay at home with her daughter to allow her to be there at her daughter's special milestones like her first steps and first words. Her business offers a lot of variety of flavors in their strawberries that stand up from the rest.

2 years ago they were chosen to be part of background vendors for a Movie called MUSICA directed by Rudy Mancuso and it was an incredible experience. They choose strawberry & me for its colorful display.

Strawberry & me offers up to 35+ different flavors and people are so intrigued by how different and delicious they are! Everything is strawberry theme for how pretty they look

Their Belgian chocolate covered strawberries are the most popular.

Osiris still don’t have a favorite festival/ event experience, said that she learned so much from every single one of them that it’s really hard to choose. But one thing is for sure, Jersey City Night Market is her First Big Event!

To know more, visit her Instagram page at

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