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Vendor Spotlight [The Thirsty Baker]

Introducing, The Thirsty Baker owned by Emily. The Thirsty Baker is a small gourmet brownie business in Jersey City.

Growing up, Emily moved around a lot, and it left her craving a stronger sense of community. Along the way, She learned that the best way to bring people together is with delicious desserts and good drinks, which sparked my dream of one day opening up a bar & bakery. Then, the idea for The Thirsty Baker was born. Today, She pop up at local farmer's markets and events with a variety of gourmet small batch brownie flavors for everyone to enjoy!

Their brownies are also made from scratch! Their best selling brownie flavors are "ooey-gooey Sea Salt Caramel Brownie and our rich & nutty Peanut Butter Swirl Brownie". It is a highly debatable, but some of their fan-favorite rotating flavors have been their S'mores Brownie, Lemon Blondie, Apple Crumble Blondie, and Peanut Butter Pretzel GF/V+ Brownie!

The Thing that Emily love about 'The Thirsty Baker' is that so many customers have become friends, and have allowed her to be a part of their lives through her brownies. Be it custom flavors for celebrations, a weekly ritual, a comforting treat after a long day, or a loved ones last treat before their passing, she's been so honored to hold space for joy, comfort, & celebration. And she didn't expect this when she started The Thirsty Baker, but now can't imagine it any other way!

She's joining different events and Festivals as she thinks its fun since she's getting to meet so many new people, and watch them try her brownies for the first time. She just love seeing people's faces when she exceeded their expectations and their eyes go wide with excitement!

For more information about The Thirsty Baker, you can visit

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