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Vendor Spotlight [ New Age Innovations]

Meet Christina, Owner of the New Age Innovation, a Latina owned life-style brand.

Christina build her business after her employer permanently became remote after the pandemic. She wanted to go outside and see people again so she began brainstorming business ideas. She first began selling iPhone accessories because she could never find fun and affordable ones. After a few months in business, Christina realized that she didn’t see any Latina representation in her local retail shops so she decided to begin her own Latina owned life-style brand. The collection includes a fun selection of items to choose from while representing culture with pride.

Her most famous product is The Soy Collection which includes t-shirts, totes, jewelry, tumblers, candles, journals, pins and more. Soy Latina, Mujer, Fuerte, Bonita are some words printed on her collection as she wants anyone who reads it to feel the pride of being Latina. Not just the pride but the collections are very affordable as well. Christina is very intentional about great quality and affordable pricing.

Her proudest moment was when she had a 3 generation of Latina women that included a grandmother, mother and daughter who purchased the Soy Latina t-shirt to see the glow in their eyes & pride when they put the shirts on.

Christina enjoy all the festivals she attended because she get to meet people in person and she will be joining Jersey City Night Market this year as well!

If you want to check out her collections, you can visit

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